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GST has eliminated the cascading effect of tax: GST is a form of indirect tax  designed to bring all  indirect taxes together under one umbrella. The GST reduced the cascading effect of the tax that was evident before.  The registration threshold is higher:  Before, under VAT, any company with a turnover of more than Rs.5 Lakh was liable for VAT. This limit was different in different states. Also, service providers were exempted from service tax if the turnover was less than Rs.10 lakh. Under the GST, this threshold was increased to Rs.20 lakh, which  exempted many small traders and service providers.  Small Business Compounding Scheme:  Small businesses have the advantage of being able to exercise the option of using the compounding scheme. The composition scheme consistently consulted compliance and  tax burden for small businesses. Simple and easy online procedure:  The GST recording process  is completely online and  is super simple. It has provided considerable responsibility and

Benefits of Hiring a Chartered Accountant

 Why Hire a Chartered Accountant for Your Business?  A Chartered Accountant  is someone who specializes in accounting and helps you make the best decisions related to your business.  The company believes that good CPAs do a variety of things to help managers and owners with legal and financial advice, strict bookkeeping, and finding  effective ways to cut costs. Without a Chartered Accountant, no business can thrive.  Helping Control Costs:  Controlling costs and maintaining profitability is essential for any business. Without cash flow tracking, the costs far outweigh the benefits. CPAs can help business owners save money. A public accountant must ensure that a company is not shaken by a financial crisis.  Supporting the right investment:  A CPA not only works to make business solutions affordable, but also provides advice on the right investments that will benefit your company in the long run. Chartered Accountants give you the best way to help your business grow and become a profita